From inland to coastal

This is the post excerpt.


It all started on that Friday morning while I was eating breakfast with my mom, a call from far far away from home. It was an unfamiliar area code, yes it was 021….oopsy a call from Cape Town. I received a call from the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) in Cape Town. They called to inform me that I have been selected to be one of their interns for the year 2014. I have been appointed as a scientific intern in Inshore fisheries. It was a last minute call and I am requested to be in Pretoria the following Monday to join in the annual training for new interns that the department host prior the commencement of the internship. I shared the good news with my mom and deep down I knew it was the start of great things, just after two years of struggle for employment ever since my graduation. It was a fresh start…